set of gifts made using a wedding card

3 Unique Ways to Use a Wedding Card

3 Unique Ways to use a Wedding Card

What do you do with Wedding Cards?

How often do you receive a beautiful wedding card invitation? With lovely motifs or pictures or with sayings from the scriptures? 

I know, I get them at least three or four during the wedding season, And we all know how much money, effort and time goes into selecting the perfect invite. The wedding card sets the tone for the momentous occasion. It informs the guest about the formality and grandeur or simplicity of the occasion. Its a sneak peek into the mega event. Well, in that case wouldn't you want to take a gift that will set you apart from all? Most couples cringe at the thought of opening gifts that will not be used by them. 

Here is our take on what can be done with this lovely piece of art. There are three very useful ways of using the wedding card. We would 

Convert it into a Gift

We at Footprints Forever, use the wedding card to make clocks and boxes with it, We will embellish the card or add clockworks to the card and you will have the perfect gift for the couple. They will surely cherish it, as it is something they have  invested time and money into. A lovely reminder of their day. 

We can also make a box with the same card. Complete the gift with some a scarf, saree or even chocolates or tea sachets. The options are endless and all unique. Recently a young lady gifted her best friend a box made with the wedding card and put a gift card  in it. 

Here, we used the wedding card to create a clock, tray and a photo frame. See the elephant motif we used in the clock which was part of the card. 

Use the card as a return gift template

Last year we planned and designed a tray which was used as a return gift for the key members of the wedding party. It was definitely one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing cards I have ever seen. The print used was the same as the wedding card. The family added boxes of 'chikki' on the tray to gift it to their loved ones. Again, they used the same print on the boxes.  Can you imagine the kind of impact a gift like this will have on your guests. 

You can also make boxes to keep small knick knacks during the pooja and wedding ceremonies with the same card print. Will bring it all together. Later, these boxes can be used for keeping the wedding photos. Would be an apt use of the card which would otherwise have been forgotten in a cupboard. This way you get to see it often.

Vintage Wedding Cards

If you are looking for a gift for your parents, in-laws or even grandparents landmark Anniversary, try and find their wedding card. Chances are it is stashed away with some old papers. This card can be used to make a clock or a box. Something, they will cherish always. 

As you can see in the pictures below, the cards were made into  beautiful clocks for landmark Wedding Anniversaries. We managed to spruce them up and give a fresh look with the brass stones and beadwork.

So, if you have a lovely Wedding card, message us and we will convert it into something unique for a friend or family member. Gift them something as unique as your relationship with them.

You can reach me on +91 9731564078 or email us on

Vandana Shinghal

Designer and Owner at Footprints Forever

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